Our Philosophy

Our goal is to build stronger bonds with Whānau, educators, community and children.

Fundamental beliefs

We strongly believe Nurturing starts from home. Every child is precious and gifted and has right for safe homely and nurturing environment to learn and enhance their strengths to grow up as competent and confident learner.


What makes us different?

Cute kids provide parents a flexible twenty hours’ free trial(*), during this period, we allow parents to stay with their child so that the child can easily settle into a new environment that feels like home. Relationship between educators and parents are celebrated, we nurture this relationship by taking ongoing feedback from parents. Cute kid’s educator’s receive resources and monetary incentives to support educators to acquire additional learning resources to help children learn and grow.


Future direction

Our vision is to provide a personalized learning programme that is based on the principles of Te Whariki. The personalised learning plan will take into consideration, inputs from parents and educators, keeping in view with children’s learning pace to enhance their strengths. In this process, the educators will be directly benefited by getting familiarised with Te Whariki. This is going to provide a path way for educators to gain teaching qualification.

* Subject to minimum of 3 months enrolment

Focus on Innovation & Technology

Having been recognised by Education Review Office (ERO) as innovative, our aim from the inception has been to focus on innovation & technology, and lift the bar in learning outcomes & health and safety for kiwi kids. Our in-house developed home visit iPad app for teachers, to perform health and safety checks effectively is a prime example of how we are pushing the boundaries and innovating.