Parents – Frequently Asked Questions

We have complied a list of FAQ for you, to help you make a decision about Cute Kids early child care services. Feel free to contact us if you have any further information.

Don’t forget to check out the Why Cute Kids page to help you understand why Cute Kids is better then other child care providers. More info about phonecasino.

Our operating hours are from Monday to Saturday 7am to midnight. The extended hours means that even for parents who are working late, have the option to avail the facilities without paying extra charges.

On every monthly visit our registered teacher sets goal for Educator for each child by keeping in view child’s age. Educators are ensure the plan is implemented and maintain portfolios of each child. Parents also get updates in the evening. Photos or video recorded activities are forwarded to parents as well as to teacher in charge.

You can avail services up to 10pm at night, giving you flexibility without the extra charge.

We have a 7 point safety check, in alignment with the ministry of education guidelines which included background police checks of educators and household members. There are also ongoing daily checks and processes set in place for educators to ensure your children is provided high safety standards.

In case the child is very sick it is advisable to keep the child at home also it is more likely the infection is passed on to other children.  Minor illness cases you need to complete medicine authorization form and instruct the Educator.

Educators will discuss at the time of enrollment about our policy. You will also be provided with Parent pack which will contain information on our polices and procedure.

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